Tuesday 16 October 2012

Welcome to the 2012 SMCC Western Sponsorship Congress™

With over $1.5 BILLION invested in sponsorship in Canada, are you a PROPERTY looking to improve on your recipe for success in securing sponsors? Are you a company, business or marketing agency representing a SPONSOR needing to get your ROI when it comes to investing in a sponsorship opportunity?
Whether you're seeking or spending sponsorship dollars, the SMCC Western Sponsorship Congress™ is where you need to be on Oct 16 & 17 to Get in the Game.

Featured this year will be:
  • 35+ Presenters
  • Keynote Address on the State of the Industry for 2012 and Projections for 2013
  • Five Minute Pitch™ - Panel Discussion
  • Discovery Session - Panel Discussion
  • Sponsorship Tango – Panel Discussion
  • Releasing of the 2012 Canadian Consumer Sponsorship Ranking Research and Study
  • Networking Opportunities with Leaders in the Industry
In Attendance: Properties, Sponsors, Corporations, Events, Businesses, Marketing + Communications Agencies and more.
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What is the SMCC Western Sponsorship Congress™?

Since 2005, the SMCC Western Sponsorship Congress™ has provided professional development and networking opportunities that have focused on a range of sponsorship related topics from inventory development, prospecting, branding, designing proposals, technology, communications, case studies and insights from properties and corporate sponsors.
This two day conference - held annually in October in Calgary, Alberta - is one of the largest sponsorship focused events in Canada.
The Congress hosts 250 registered delegates and speakers from across North America. They represent a cross section of corporations and small businesses that invest in sponsorship, non-profits and charities, sports organizations (professional and amateur), all levels of government and advertising, communications, public relations and sponsorship agencies.

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